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Zeenat Nagree forwards a proposal for an exhibition.

Yolanda Duarte
Yolanda Duarte (b. 1983, Caracas, Venezuela)

Imagine the frontier as a charged line. Imagine it as a voyage that requires certain bodies to become invisible, to disappear once they have slipped through, to refrain from asserting their presence. Imagine the frontier not only as a line but also as a name for a number of tools used to demarcate space, to create states that separate here and there, us and them. Imagine the body that imagines life despite the frontier, the body that troubles boundaries, the body that resists. Imagine these bodies occupying. Imagine the spaces these bodies create.


 Maryam Hoseini
Maryam Hoseini (b. 1988, Tehran, Iran)

The five artists gathered here offer different visions of occupation: Maryam Hoseini’s paintings are populated by flattened, geometric individuals that perform acts of rebellion in homosocial spaces constructed with fragments picked up between Iran and the United States of America. Yolanda Duarte’s body becomes a landscape, a site of projection, and an ephemeral stage for the recording and erasure of acts of protest in her videos and performances. Afsana Sharmin Zhumpi’s figures, covered up and of elusive form, highlight the contextual understanding of bodies or objects that are considered threatened or threatening. Ranjeeta Kumari’s watercolours use the figure of the donkey both as a self-portrait and as a symbol of the marginal and labouring individual.

 Afsana Sharmin Zhumpi
Afsana Sharmin Zhumpi (b.1984, Chittagong, Bangladesh)
Yvette Mayorga creates environments of excess using confection materials as theatres of the hopes and aspirations of immigrants, which are also shrines to the violence of the passage into an imaginary utopia.






Ranjeeta Kumari.

Ranjeeta Kumari (b. 1983, Mokama, India)

Yvette Mayorga.

Yvette Mayorga (b. 1991, Silvis, United States of America)

Sequences of Women With Long Tails
Maryam Hoseini. Sequences of Women With Long Tails (4). Acrylic, ink and pencil on wood panel. 24” x 20”. 2018. Image courtesy of the artist and Rachel Uffner Gallery.


Really Safe in America.
Yvette Mayorga. Really Safe in America. Installation, frosting, metal fence, plaster, wood, fabric, foam, found objects, toy soldiers, glitter, candy, Cheetos, party supplies, white sox hat, shoes, shirts, tuna cans, photographs of bodies on the U.S./Mexico border, Fabuloso floor cleaner, “Really Safe in My Room in America” video, colour and sound. 2014-16. Image courtesy the artist.


Donkey series
Ranjeeta Kumari. Donkey series. Watercolour on paper. 91.44 cms x 60.96 cms. 2017. Image courtesy the artist.